Cibdex CBD Oil Review: Peppermint Flavor

cibdex cbd oil review

Cibdex is arguably the most well known name in CBD oil today. Amazon features Cibdex prominently, and the company has achieved a notable level of public awareness. Unfortunately, though, Cibdex is indicative with what is wrong with the burgeoning, embryonic CBD oil market: their product is too weak, too expensive, badly labeled and ineffective against anything besides mild anxiety and stress.

When we look at the possibilities for CBD we see the potential as a treatment for cancer, for epilepsy, for multiple sclerosis, for chronic pain. It could change the lives of millions of people for whom conventional treatments have failed. So it’s natural that these people would be interested in trying CBD oil when Amazon sells it. But what we’re seeing is that the products on Amazon are not strong enough, and are too expensive. Worse, the companies at present refuse to tell us what percentage of CBD is contained within. Cynical that I am, I assume this is because the percentage is negligible, and that no one would buy it were the company to plaster “0.9% CBD” on the label in bold writing.

But perhaps that’s just me being cynical. I’ve emailed Cibdex inquiring about the percentage of CBD, and should they respond I’ll gladly amend this review.

Cibdex: First Impressions

The first thing to note when trying the peppermint Cibdex CBD oil is the taste. It’s disgustingly sweet and artificial, and tastes nothing at all like cannabis or other CBD oils I’ve tried. According to Cibdex a small amount of stevia has been added to the ingredients. This also causes concern. Stevia, it’s fair to say, is controversial. Side effects reported include dizziness, muscle pain, numbness, bloating, gas – and some studies even suggest a possible link to cancer. It’s something that probably shouldn’t be in a health supplement, and it makes me suspicious about this company and whether they have a clue what they’re doing.

As with most CBD oils I’ve tried, the first day didn’t produce any obvious positive effects.

Day two, unfortunately didn’t produce any effects either. When using CBD oil my main two goals are reducing stress and anxiety. I’ve noticed significant results with a couple of CBD oils I’ve tried, so there’s no doubt it has the potential to treat these symptoms. But at the recommended dosage of Cibdex the effects were minimal, possibly even placebo. So after a few days I doubled the dose – and at that point it began to work a lot better. There was a definite anti-anxiety effect and a feeling of calmness in the brain and body. So there is definitely a reasonable amount of CBD within the product, and for anyone suffering with anxiety and stress it can certainly produce results. This is an encouraging sign.

Of course the down side is that you race through the bottle in a few days.

Hemp Limitations and Misconceptions

Industrial hemp products like Cibdex are filling a great demand, but the bottom line is this: they’re not potent enough and they’re too expensive. Ultimately, hemp lack the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids and thus will never, ever be as medicinal as female cannabis flowers.

Considering this reality, it is dispiriting to read some of the reviews on Amazon. There are a number of buyers of Cibdex who have had no success with pain or epilepsy or cancer, and thus concluded that CBD is snake oil. CBD is not snake oil. But Cibdex is certainly too weak to handle serious medical conditions. It can ease anxiety and stress, but unless you take half a bottle a day it probably won’t stop seizures or assist chronic pain.

Suppose you had a headache and took 25mg of paracetamol to fix it. Two hours later you still had the headache… and so you dismiss paracetamol as snake oil. This is effectively what is happening with hemp-based CBD, and it’s a huge shame. And that’s where my frustration lies. The more people who try Cibdex and find it ineffective the more people will dismiss CBD as the latest scam fad.

Cibdex, though, is a genuine option, and it’s not the worst CBD product around by a long shot. The worst I’ve tried is Meta Labs LLC’s “35% CBD Cannabis Oil”, which really is snake oil. Cibdex, on the other hand, does relax the mind and body, it does feel like medicine, albeit weak medicine. Plus it undoubtedly contains the CBD it claims to contain. But, still, it’s not great, it’s not strong, and it’s not worth the high price tag.

There are alternative options – such as CBD Brothers’ CBD oil, which are made from female cannabis flowers and therefore contain a much fuller spectrum of cannabinoids. And there is Cibdol from Holland, which actually tells us how much CBD is in the product (4%). Furthermore, when you try Cibdol it actually tastes like cannabis, not some disgustingly processed, flavored liquid.

Cibdex CBD Oil Review: Conclusion

It delights me that Amazon are permitting CBD oil products to be sold, but it saddens me that the products so far have been such low quality, and sold by companies unwilling to tell us what percentage of CBD and other cannabinoids are contained within – and in the sickening case of Meta Labs LLC, of lying about how much CBD is contained within.

But if you can’t find anything better where you live, and you don’t mind blowing through a lot of money quickly, try Cibdex. It has medical uses, and apart from the stevia anyway, it won’t do you any harm.

Cibdex CBD Oil
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on November 19, 2014

2 thoughts on “Cibdex CBD Oil Review: Peppermint Flavor

  1. Shelley Ervin says:

    Hi Tony ~
    I have been on Cibdex caps for 7 days now, and have actually felt worse than before. It was recommended to me by a Cannabis doc for severe IBS. I also had tried Rick Simpson’s Hemp Oil (from a dispensary in San Jose which seems to have a good rep), but I couldn’t figure out how to dose – at low doses it did nothing, and at higher doses it gave me vertigo and made me feel drugged in the morning. I can’t get anyone from the dispensary (Amsterdam’s Garden) to call me back and answer my questions. One woman called me back when I couldn’t take the call, and then never called me back. It’s very frustrating, because I also have a tumor in my breast which I’ve had for over six years, but cannot shrink in spite of all the alternative diets, herbs, far-infrared treatments, etc. I’ve tried and thousands of dollars spent. I’m looking into injectable GcMAF right now – have been on Bravo Probiotic suppositories for 7 weeks, and it has given me some “normal” days, so I’m thinking of moving up to the injectable, but awfully expensive. If you interested, google gcmaf and you will find the european website and lots of info on it. It is supposed to be an up-regulator of the immune system, similar to LDN, but hugely more expensive. I’ve ben on LDN for about three months, and have noticed some improvement in my IBS, but no effect on tumor.

    I’m going to try one of the oils you recommend and will let you know if it works for me.

    Thanks for the info on Cibdex. I found it to be a very disappointing product.

    Shelley Ervin
    Newport Beach, CA

  2. Tony Harrison says:

    Hi Shelley,

    Regarding your tumor, I would advise starting a high THC oil as soon as possible and work your way up to one gram per day. Find a dispensary that has the highest THC and CBD percentage in their oil. If you find that taking it orally causes you vertigo and other side effects try it as a suppository with some coconut oil.

    Here’s a video of an Australian woman who had lung cancer and found that cannabis oil orally was too unpleasant to allow her to take a gram a day. When she switched to suppositories she was able to get to the correct dose and destroy the tumor:

    I hope this information helps. If you need any more help please contact me via the contact form.

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