Cannabis Oil and Cancer: The Definitive Guide

cannabis oil cancer guide
Cannabis Oil and Cancer: The Definitive Guide

In this article I’ll document the key facts you need to know about cannabis oil, and how to create the oil to cure your own cancer. I’ll list my optimal method for beating cancer in a five step plan. I’ll also explain why you need to make your own oil and why you must never buy cannabis oil online.

What Kind of Cannabis Oil?

The strain of cannabis you choose is vital in how effectively it will kill cancer cells. Sativa strains do not work well and should be avoided. Indica is what you need. It should be a highly sedating indica – an organically grown kush strain would be optimal. Such a strain will also help you sleep much better, which is an underrated part of recovery.

Decarboxylation: Key To Cannabis Oil

In its raw form the most populous compound in cannabis is THCA. THCA does not bind with the cannabinoid receptors and will therefore not be useful for fighting cancer. To become useful the THCA must be converted into THC. The process by which THCA is converted into THC is known as decarboxylation.

There are many ways to decarboxylate cannabis, but when fighting a disease as deadly as cancer we must choose the optimal method to create the strongest, most pure extract. It needs to be at least 90% cannabinoids – Rick Simpson himself states that his oils are usually 95% cannabinoids.

Unfortunately many dispensaries sell oils at a much lower percentage, sometimes as low as 50%, which will work for lesser conditions, but with cancer we can’t take the chance of working with second rate oils.

Many criticise Rick Simpson for using potentially dangerous solvents, but the bottom line is this: his method produces the highest concentration of THC. From the research I’ve seen, the oils that are made using the Simpson method produce notably more medicinal, highly potent oil. We’re looking to create 90+% cannabinoids, the vast majority of which will be THC.

Here’s a video documenting how Rick Simpson does this:

There are caveats to this method.

1) The solvent must be 100% burnt off. Otherwise you will be poisoning yourself.

2) Great care must be taken not to cause an explosion or breathe in toxic fumes during the process.

This is why I generally recommend that people use a device called a Magical Butter machine. You can either buy it from Amazon or direct from their website.

The main advantage of Magical Butter is increasing the safety and simplicity of the process. It really couldn’t be much simpler, as this video demonstrates:

Pretty easy, huh?

So let me reiterate again two crucial aspects of this, which often get overlooked by people:

1) You must choose the strain of cannabis wisely. It must be a highly sedating, high quality INDICA.

2) You must decarboxylate to the fullest, creating the most potent oil humanly possible. This means using a powerful solvent – which must be 100% burnt off.

Cannabis vs Cancer: The Five Step Treatment Plan

If you have cancer or know someone who does here is my quick guide to treatment. There are five steps:

1). Take a gram of high CBD cannabis oil during the day. There are seeds now available around the internet that have roughly 4% THC and 15% CBD. If possible, grow a handful of these plants and extract oil from them. If this isn’t possible then use a CBD oil that can be bought online. It won’t be as effective but if you take mega doses you will still get huge benefits.

2) Work up to a gram of high THC indica strain cannabis oil at night. You will need to work up to a gram. After a couple of weeks of taking a grain of rice, then two grains of rice, you will notice that the psychoative effects decrease. This is tolerance building up, and means you can now increase the dose to a gram. Your goal with the high THC oil is 60 grams in 90 days. (If you’re struggling with the high then consider taking the oil as a suppository, which will dramatically reduce the psychoactive effects.)

3) Juice raw cannabis daily. This step will prove nearly impossible for many, but if you have access to plenty of plants then juicing leaves and trim will prove enormously beneficial. It won’t get you high, but it will flood your system with non-psychoactive cannabinoids in levels that you wouldn’t be able to ingest in decarboxylated form. Instead of milligrams you will be able to take grams.

4) Juice fresh fruit and vegetables daily. You will want fresh fruit and veg such as kale, spinach, blueberries, oranges, bananas. Lots of colors, lots of variety.

5) Take a large dose of hemp seed oil daily. Hemp seed oil has plenty of omega 3 and omega 6, and even some omega 9. Omega 3 and omega 6 are particularly beneficial, and the hemp seed possesses them at a near perfect ratio for the human body. This means we can absorb more omega oil, and take in more of the benefits it provides. Omega oil and cannabinoids also work wonders together – and hemp seed oil is easily obtained on Amazon or most health food stores.

These are my five steps to beat cancer. Sadly some of these steps, especially juicing raw cannabis, are close to impossible for those of us living in prohibition countries. I’ve heard of people juicing an entire cannabis plant a day. The health benefits received can be profound as this excellent documentary highlights:

The easiest three steps are CBD oil, fruit and veg juiced and hemp seed oil. These are things every person with cancer can and should do. The high THC cannabis oil remains the single most important step, however. The Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is not easy to come by, it might have to be grown by a friend or caregiver, and it needs to be extracted superbly, to 90%+ cannabinoids, but when you have the highest quality oil you have a real chance to beat cancer.

Never Buy Cannabis Oil Online!

Lastly, I need to make clear that buying cannabis oil online is a terrible idea. Scammers are all over the internet, and more and more seem to be latching onto cannabis oil, and viewing cancer patients as easy marks. It’s sickening how many of these scam-spams are showing up. Here’s an example:

I’m Faith Daniel and I am very grateful to Rick Simpson for providing his medication which saved my life and family.
Rick Simpson, i appreciate all you did for me and my wife with your Hemp oil medical service.
My wife had breast cancer which was already in the stage IV and the doctor said we needed a miracle for my wife to be cured of her cancer. But for grace over my family a miracle happened when we learnt about Rick Simpson cannabis Oil, My wife has been on the treatment for the past 3 months and the result was tremendous as the Hemp Oil has Kill the Cancer and no more trace of Cancer and other chronic disease in her.
God in his infinite mercy will continue to be gracious and Guide you Rick Simpson, we appreciate all what you did for me and the family.
If you have any cancer problem, chronic diseases, diabetes or any related dangerous diseases, please contact Rick Simpson: ********* or ********
Be sure that you problem is solved.

These kind of comments are all over Facebook and you’ll also see them posted under cannabis oil articles. If you see anything like this, you are seeing someone trying to scam cancer patients. I’ve heard of people scammed for thousands of dollars.

Here’s a good Facebook page with up-to-date information on the latest cannabis oil scams.

The other critical reason not to buy cannabis oil online: even if you aren’t scammed and the oil actually arrives, you have no idea what it is. It might have been made from low quality buds, or it might even be from a sativa strain. You simply have no way to know – and you can’t take this kind of chance with cancer. The oil must be made from a high grade indica, and the only way of knowing for sure is buying the seeds online at a reputable seed selling website, then growing the plants yourself.

So, once again: never, never, NEVER buy cannabis oil online. You need to either:

a) Grow your own.

b) Get a friend or relative to grow it for you.

c) If you’re lucky enough to live where it’s legal, go to a dispensary and get the highest CBD % oil for daytime, and highest THC % oil for nighttime.

Last time: never buy cannabis oil online.

Cannabis Oil and Cancer Facts:
Still Need Help?

I hope this guide has been helpful to you. If you’re still confused or need further information please either write a comment below or email me.


6 thoughts on “Cannabis Oil and Cancer: The Definitive Guide

  1. Maria says:

    I’m curious, you say not to buy this online, but you are selling it? And wondering why the high thc at night? Isn’t it the cbd’s you want? Is there any point in applying topically in the case of breast cancer? Thanks!

    • Tony Harrison says:

      Hi Maria,

      I only sell CBD oil not THC oil. I don’t advise that people buy the high THC “Rick Simpson Oil” online – there are lots of scammers who will take your money and give you no oil. And even if you do get the oil there is no guarantee you are getting a medicinal strain. The only way to be sure is grow your own indica plants.

      I recommend taking the high THC at night because an indica strain cannabis oil – the kind of strain you need – will be very sedating. If you take it daytime you’ll be very high and very sleepy all day.

      You need CBD, true, but you also need THC. THC kills cancer cells while CBD appears to mainly prevent the cancer from spreading. CBD won’t get you high and won’t make you as tired, therefore I advise a CBD oil during the day and THC oil at night.

      I would definitely advise applying Rick Simpson Oil topically in the case of breast cancer. Rub it into the area where the tumor is. But bear in mind that topical application is not an alternative to eating the oil, as you should also eat the oil daily (or take it as a suppository if you can’t handle the high).

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

  2. mano says:

    to Tony Harrison ,

    my dad got lung cancer and i would like to ask you which is the best cbd oil to order from online for lung cancer ? hope you can provide me with a link from where i can get the cbd oil for lung cancer ?

  3. Helena says:

    I thought I can buy cannabis oil in dispensaries in BC. I know my daughter sometimes sends me cannabis oil from Vancouver through the mail. I realize now it’s reading “tincture ingredients: vegetable glycerine and cannabis” so I’m not getting the oil. Why is this not easy to buy – the 70% or 80% cannabis oil. I dare not make my own even though Rick Simpson makes out it’s rather easy.
    I’m extremely disappointed. Can you advice me?

    • Tony Harrison says:

      Hi Helena,

      You should be able to buy real cannabis oil in BC – there are lots of dispensaries in Vancouver. Some will probably sell weak oil but others will sell high strength oil. Unfortunately I can’t really advise any more than that as I don’t live in Canada. What I can tell you is that, compared with most of the world, Canada has sensible cannabis laws. Hopefully Trudeau will win the upcoming election and fulfill his promise of legalizing it outright so you’ll be able to walk into a store and buy it yourself!

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