Canchew CBD Gum Review

canchew cbd gum review

CBD is growing in awareness and popularity by the day. The amount of products being sold is snowballing, and the type of products is also snowballing. One of the more unusual products you can currently buy is CBD gum. Made by Canchew, and proudly stated on their website to be the “1st Hemp CBD Gum”, it’s also available on Amazon here.

Canchew Gum Review: The Website

The Canchew gum isn’t the only unusual thing about this company – their website is also fairly different. Most CBD websites go for a reasonably laid-back approach. Canchew go for the hard sell. Their site reminds me of the way “marketing 2 marketing” websites operate: a real pushy, succinct approach designed to maximize sales with videos and trickery. It looks like an infomercial, down to the smiling, hugging, non-threatening middle aged couple and the video that autoplays when you load the page.

You might be able to tell that I’m not a fan of this type of website. I guess it produces a lot of sales, but there is scant information, just clever, manipulative techniques to get you to buy their gum.

The site does have a “Features and Benefits” section which includes this tidbit: “The natural hemp oil is rich in, heart healthy, Omega 3s”. It’s a puzzling thing to write on the site, especially since the packaging for the product says nothing about there being Omega 3 inside. Omega 3 is prevalent in hemp seed oil, not hemp oil – so perhaps the web designers got confused and thought they were selling hemp seed oil. Either way, it’s not a good start.

canchew cbd gum ingredients

Also on the front page is a Testimonial “Section”. I speech marked the word section because it’s just a picture of a woman and the words “Canchew┬« helps me keep going so I can get through the day”. That’s it. No details about who gave the testimonial or what their medical condition is.

Frankly, it sounds made up. Canchew’s website frequently mentions how they aren’t allowed to recommend CBD for any medical condition – which is correct. The FDA won’t allow CBD to be sold as a medicine, only as a food supplement. And so it sounds like the web designers made up a testimonial that was appropriately vague so as not to upset the FDA.

OK, I’ll stop here, but I could probably spend the next 3000 words ragging on the Canchew website. It’s a cynical, empty site that is purely designed to sell as much CBD gum as possible without giving prospective customers any real information or treating them as human beings.

Canchew CBD Gum: First Impressions

Despite my misgivings about the gum it was something I wanted to try.

First off, the packaging. It’s very professional. The box is slick, with well chosen colors that have no cannabis connotations whatsoever.

canchew cbd gum box

The gum itself at first glance looks a bit unappetizing. I was trying to think what it reminded me. It was some sort of dietary supplement I had when I was a kid. Something I really hated.

canchew cbd piece

But overall my first impressions are positive. It’s a well-packaged product that wouldn’t look out of place in a supermarket or pharmacist.

Canchew CBD Gum: The Taste

The box says it’s Cool Mint flavor. And it did taste a lot like mint. This is probably a wise plan – you want a strong taste to mask the CBD. Before getting to the taste though I found the gum was quite hard. It became chewy in a few minutes but to begin with it was awkward to try to chew it.

But once the initial “hardness” wore off and the gum became more comfortable to move around your mouth the mint really kicked in. It was like a mint tea flavor. No way near as strong as some of the gums you can buy in shops, with the kind of “mint kick”, but it was pleasant. What was more impressive was the longevity. It seemed to last a good twenty or thirty minutes. Normally gum will lose it’s taste after 5 minutes so this was a nice surprise.

Canchew Gum: The Effects

The most obvious effect was a subtle feeling of relaxation. This was nice, but I have to wonder how much came from the CBD and how much from chewing gum, which I always find causes a similar feeling of relaxation. But, whatever caused it, there was a calm feeling that came over me, and which lasted an hour or two.

That said, it wasn’t a particularly strong anti-anxiety or anti-stress relief. It’s nowhere near as strong as some of the oils I’ve tried, and when you look at the packaging and see that each piece of gum contains 10mg it’s easy to understand why. 10mg is a small daily dose. It’s something I can imagine using if I’m out in potential stressful situations, to provide a bit of support, but it’s not going to replace anyone’s Xanax.

There was also an increased sense of well-being and of stress relief with the gum. You just generally feel slightly less bothered, and glide through the day a little easier.

If you’re interested in buying Canchew for pain relief then I doubt it will be strong enough. Fortunately I don’t have any serious chronic pain, so I usually avoid describing how CBD affects pain – because the truth is I don’t know. But I will say that the gum produced a very mild numbing of the mouth, so it’s not inconceivable it could mildly reduce pain.

Canchew CBD Gum: Conclusions

While Canchew CBD gum has a mild anti-anxiety and anti-stress effect, I feel this is about the extent of the medical use. 10mg is simply too small a dose for anything more serious. Of course if stress and anxiety are problems for you, keeping a few Canchew gums on your person might be just what you need. But if you suffer chronic pain, epilepsy or serious anxiety, you will need something stronger.

Despite the website being pretty tacky, the product itself is solid. It’s not going to change your life, but it might modestly improve it. The price needs to be brought down and hopefully soon. 8 pieces of gum for $25 is an eye-watering price, especially given the relative weakness of the product.

Hopefully they will be able to reduce the price as they grow their business, because I feel there is a place for a CBD gum in the market. It’s good that Canchew has come along and introduced a unique CBD product for us to try. But let’s hope they can double the strength and halve the price. Then they’ll really have something to shout about.

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Canchew CBD Gum
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