CBD and Propolis Healing Salve Review

cbd propolis salve review

There are several CBD salves for sale on Amazon these days. I have a couple of minor skin conditions, so decided I would buy one of them and see what happened.

The salve I bought didn’t come with a label and seems to have been made by a very small-scale operation in central Europe. As a result, I can’t tell you what the company is called, or even what the salve is called, other than “CBD and Propolis Healing Salve”, so instead I’ll give you the link to the Amazon page so you can have a look yourself. Note: the product image on Amazon shows that the jar now includes a label, so perhaps new orders will receive a label on the jar.

Effects of CBD Oil on Skin Conditions

Prior to using this CBD salve I had found that CBD oil taken orally seemed to reduce the swelling on my finger and totally get rid of a red patch on my knee. It may sound improbable that a few drops a day of an oil would have such a dramatic effect but I can assure you it definitely happened, and it shocked me as well.

It was for this reason that I decided to buy the CBD salve. While oral CBD oil had helped those conditions it had done nothing for the infected toenail on my left foot. I guessed at the time it was because CBD is an anti-inflammatory, so is able to reduce swelling, but isn’t anti-fungal. But I did some more reading and there is a little research out there that indicates cannabinoids may be able to kill off fungus… so I figured it was worth taking a chance on it.

First Impressions

The first, unavoidable impression is how small the jar is. This is not a regular sized jar that you’d get, say, moisturizer in from the pharmacy. This is a mini jar.

cbd salve review

The salve is a yellowy color, very much like beeswax. Propolis is the other main ingredient, which is a fancy kind of resin that bees collect from trees and mix with their own beeswax. It’s regarded as a very useful treatment for various skin conditions, including fungal problems. Based on the color and thickness of the salve I would guess there is much more propolis in here than CBD. It’s also logical financially, as presumably propolis is far cheaper to source than CBD.

cbd salve closeup

The smell is another story. It smells just exactly like cannabis. It’s uncanny. It’s got an antiseptic, beauty salon smell crossed with a joint. Very surreal.

Experience of Using the CBD Salve

The first day I rubbed some of the salve on my bad toenail and then put a plaster over it. I didn’t expect any immediate results. I figured to myself – keep doing this every day for a couple of weeks and see if anything changes.

I’ll cut to the chase: after two weeks there was no change at all. The messed up infected toenail was no better.

I persevered for a few more days and then gave up. It’s one of those things where even if there’s a hint, perhaps one corner of the nail was looking better, I would have kept going. Any kind of incentive to persevere, but there was nothing.

CBD Salve: Conclusion

I had no results with the propolis and CBD salve. But that isn’t to say you won’t. There are hundreds of different skin conditions after all. The only conclusion I will draw is that for fungal conditions, such as infected toenails and athlete’s foot, this particular CBD salve doesn’t seem to be effective.

That said, for inflammation and mild rashes I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked. I can’t say for sure, but I know from personal experience that oral CBD oil helps significantly with those types of skin conditions.

I’m also not going to rag on the company for producing “snake oil”. Other people on Amazon have reported good results and there is a generally positive feeling about the product over there. Last I checked it was 4.5/5 average score. It also definitely smells like cannabis – had it smelled like beeswax I would have been far more cynical. But it almost smells like a disinfected bud mixed with beeswax; there’s a definite, unmistakable hemp/cannabis smell. So I believe that the company is adding CBD to their salve, and I suspect it would work for certain conditions.

But it’s no panacea for all skin conditions. And for serious skin problems this probably won’t do the job. Still, it’s very cheap ($21 last time I checked). So if you’re being bugged by swelling or a rash it might be worth your time and money.

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CBD and Propolis Healing Salve
CBD Salve
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