Endoca CBD Oil Review

endoca cbd oil bottle

Endoca CBD oil has been a product I’ve seen a lot of recently. They advertise on Google and have an eye-catching website and an attractive list of products. I’ve also recently had emails from people wanting to know my opinion of Endoca’s CBD oil. It seemed like I should try it out and write down my thoughts. So here goes…

Endoca CBD Oil: The Price

I normally talk about the company and their website first, but in the case of Endoca I need to jump straight to the price. Why? Because it’s really expensive.

10ml of 15% CBD oil is 249 euros – that’s almost $300. For 10ml!

Now, admittedly 15% is a really strong oil and I’m sure it’s an A+ product, but sorry, no way will I pay 249 euros for 10ml of anything… unless it’s laced with some kind of liquid gold.

I get that CBD is expensive to produce and we’re talking about a fledgling industry, but come on! There are 50 strains of hemp that have been legalized for growing and harvesting in the European Union. I just can’t understand how something that grows in almost any climate on the planet, something incredibly versatile and easy to grow, and something that’s legal throughout the EU can justify such an enormous price tag.

But then you look at the product itself and it’s clear where that money goes. Endoca is perhaps the best presented CBD product around today. It has perhaps the most slick and (probably) most expensive-to-create CBD website online today. And so they’ve obviously passed these costs onto the consumer.

I can’t pretend to be shocked or appalled by this: it’s what every other company does. But 249 euros for a 10ml bottle is a vast sum of money for something that might last three or four weeks, and less time than that if your condition is serious.

Anyway, enough of me ranting – the point is this: I elected not to buy the 15% CBD bottle. The 10ml of 5% CBD oil was 75 euros, which is far more in my price range.

Endoca CBD Oil Review: Customer Service

Before I get to my experiences I should mention that I contacted Endoca in October, trying to get some more detailed information about their oil. I’ve yet to receive a reply.

This is an unwelcome trend in the CBD oil business. A few companies (Cibdol immediately come to mind) are great at returning emails. Yet many others fail to comprehend the importance of good, prompt customer service. And considering how most of these companies refuse to include important information on their website about their product, we as potential customers are forced to email them for information. To not reply to those emails, like Endoca have failed to do, puts me off becoming a long-term customer. It displays a lack of respect and professionalism.

Endoca CBD Oil Review: The Website

Endoca has a really good looking website. It’s modern, slick but also (very cleverly) possesses an “olde medicine” feel. This deliberate hearkening back to the medicines of the 1800s is ingenious. It takes us back to a time when cannabis medicine was popular and legal; a time when cannabis medicines came in bottles like this:

1880 cannabis medicine

Now compare that genuine 19th Century medicine bottle with this Endoca CBD oil from 2015:

endoca cbd oil bottle

It’s clear that Endoca have copied their image from pre-cannabis prohibition medicines – and it’s a great image to imitate. It creates a nostalgic, olde, safe feeling that side-steps any potential cannabis-related controversy.

Endoca CBD Oil Review: The Packaging

Here’s the ingredients list:

endoca cbd oil ingredients

This is the first time I’ve seen a CBD oil that lists terpenes as well as cannabinoids. It’s impressive to see this level of detail – hopefully other companies will follow suit.

Again, as you can see from the label, they’ve gone for a Victorian-era label. It’s very clever and effective.

It’s unfortunate that elsewhere on the bottle it states that the oil comes from “stalks and stems” rather than flowers, but at least they’re upfront about it.

Endoca CBD Oil Review: Taste

The CBD oil is quite dark, sort of a heavy brown color. It’s also quite thick, heavier than olive oil. The bottle gives dosing instructions of 15 drops held under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing, so that’s what I did.

My taste buds are slightly off right now due to a cold, but I could taste hemp seed oil in there right away, which is nutty and not something I enjoy the taste of. But there was also an earthy, organic flavor in there. I wouldn’t say anything too obviously cannabis-y.

Endoca CBD Oil Review: The Effects

15 drops is the dose Endoca recommend. In my experience this is slightly too much. I can only imagine what 15 drops of 15% oil would be like, but 15 drops of 5% oil was quite sedating. It also demotivated me – instead of being neurotic and trying to get a load of stuff done, I just chilled out watching TV. (This may or may not be viewed as a good thing.)

One thing is for sure: Endoca is the real deal. This is a potent CBD oil that calms you down, melts your anxiety away and then makes you sleepy. I don’t know how well it works for pain – but at the very least I imagine it would make you less concerned about any pain you were experiencing.

But I’d recommend starting with seven or eight drops under the tongue and then building up to 15 drops if you need them. Not that you’ll feel high or anything on 15 drops, but you might not get much work done for the next few hours.

It’s unusual to find a CBD oil where the recommended dose is too much. Generally speaking, on the first day of a new CBD oil I feel very little effect and have to go beyond the recommended dose to feel benefits.

Independent testing of Endoca’s CBD oil confirms that this is an impressive oil. ICOMR have tested Endoca’s 5% CBD oil and found it above the CBD level promised on their website. In fact the 5% oil was found to contain 43% more cannabinoids than Endoca’s website promised.

endoca cbd oil results

Endoca CBD Oil Review: Conclusion

Endoca is perhaps the most all-round impressive company selling CBD today. Their website is slick, their packaging is terrific, and their product is effective. The only major drawback is the price. I don’t want to repeat myself, but it bugs me that I couldn’t afford the stronger version of their oil (at least, not without re-mortgaging my house). Let’s hope Endoca will mass produce larger amounts of CBD in 2015 and they’ll be able to reduce costs to customers as a result – because their product is among the best on the market, and people shouldn’t have to sell a kidney to afford CBD oil.

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on January 5, 2015

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  2. James W says:

    Tony: Thank you for your insite on what I have found to be “the confusing world of CBD oils!” I must have at least a hundred online hours of research trying to avoid my hard earned, limited cash being spent on phony product I recieved my first bottle of 3% Endoca raw hemp oil due to cost I opted for the “cheaper” bottle as well this is also my first trial of any CBD product after much investigating your review tipped the scale into trying their product… I am tired of the pharma pain control rat race & have hope CBD will benefit me…

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