Organic Hemp Buds With CBD Review

A company is selling “organic hemp buds” on Amazon right now. They’re $36 for 40 grams, which is 1.4 ounces. I was curious about them so I decided to order some. Here’s my review.

The item was sent from Slovenia and took about a week to get here. The first thing I noticed was how many seeds were on the buds, and also loose in the bag. We’re talking dozens, maybe even hundreds of hemp seeds. The next obvious thing is how mangy the buds look. If you bought cannabis off the street and it looked like this you wouldn’t be impressed. Here are some pictures:

cbd buds

organic hemp buds close

cbd hemp buds

The Slovenian company selling the buds have answered a bunch of questions on the Amazon listing. The one that caught my eye is that these buds aren’t meant to be smoked. So initially I took their word for it and make a tea from it.

Organic Hemp Buds: Tea

I steeped a moderate-sized bud for about ten minutes in boiling hot water and then tried it. It tasted very similar to the hemp tea I’ve recently reviewed. It didn’t taste anything like cannabis, but had a gentle, pleasant herbal taste.

I noticed a mild anti-anxiety effect within about 20 minutes that lasted an hour or so. It was nothing too dramatic, but overall it was a positive experience.

I should add that I didn’t include milk in the hemp bud tea (it sounded a bit of a gross combination), and CBD is fat soluble – so obviously needs more than hot water to bind to. But from my point of view, I wasn’t expecting a strong medicinal impact and just wanted to know if the tea was nice… which it was.

Organic Hemp Buds: Vaped

Satisfied with the tea experiment I decided that I would ignore the advice of the company and vaporize some of the bud. I got my old trusty Volcano out of storage and filled up a bag.

Good cannabis vaped in a Volcano is delicious… but the taste of this hemp bud was horrible. The closest thing, taste-wise, is probably Pedicularis Groenlandica (also known as Elephant’s Head), a nasty tasting herb that I vaped several years ago. The taste of the hemp was so bad it momentarily made me question whether this even was hemp.

I wasn’t expecting much of an effect from the bud (especially given the taste), but within a few minutes a strong sense of calmness came over me. I was becoming really relaxed. Like sinking-into-the-sofa-with-a-grin-on-my-face relaxed. It was an all-over body effect that crept up for the next thirty minutes until it was quite pronounced.

Amazed at the level of relaxation I decided to have a couple more volcano bags that night. I became what can only be described as couch locked. I was fully mellow. My lungs felt incredible – they felt light as a balloon. They felt like they had been massaged for hours on end.

It was a really pleasant evening.

The question is, was I high from these hemp buds?

I’d say no. I wouldn’t say I was high. There was no disorientation, no euphoria, no munchies. There were no THC effects at all. They were just the typical CBD effects of relaxation, stress relief and pain relief. Yet these were stronger effects than I’ve even had from any CBD oil.

Organic Hemp Buds: Vaping… The Day After

The downside of the hemp buds vaping experience came the next day. My lungs had felt amazing the evening before, but the next day they felt heavy and my throat felt sore. I don’t know whether it was all the hemp seeds covering the buds or the buds themselves, but something caused me to cough and feel uncomfortable in the chest.

I haven’t vaped the hemp buds since for that reason. It’s unfortunate, because otherwise it was a really positive experience. Now I should add that I’ve had a cold lately so maybe the heavy chest was in part due to the cold, but I definitely think that vaping was a factor.

Incidentally, on the subject of vaping, if you are interested in smoking or vaping some hemp buds, I would recommend a Volcano. Yes, they’re expensive, but I’ve had mine for about seven years now and it’s saved me from the hideous health consequences of smoking for those seven years, it’s provided a much nicer tasting herb experience, and (frankly) it’s got me way, way higher than joints ever could. A Volcano is an investment that any cannabis smoker should consider.

Organic Hemp Buds: Conclusion

These organic hemp buds are an excellent buy. If you have more resilient lungs than me they are a bargain. 40 grams would last several weeks in a good vaporizer, and you would probably find two or three volcano bags would have stronger analgesic and anti-anxiety effects than any CBD oil currently on the market.

And the tea is a pleasant, relaxing experience too – ideal for a winter’s evening.

So overall these buds are a bargain at $36 including shipping costs – whether for tea or for vaping.

Highly recommended.

You can buy some Organic Hemp Buds here.

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Organic Hemp Buds Review
Hemp Buds
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on January 19, 2015

9 thoughts on “Organic Hemp Buds With CBD Review

  1. Angel says:

    how did you smoke it? did you smoke the whole plant including the stems and seeds? or did you separate a specific part of the plant?

  2. Angel says:

    Can you provide a link. I bought the ones that have seeds and they are loaded with them. So these ones will be easier smoked/Vape? Can you smoke it straight out of the bag without any separation required?

  3. Ric says:

    Thanks for the review. I have recently been using Trompetol brand hemp flowers from a Dutch site called Apollyon:

    As your review started me on my search I wanted to offer you this link to try their product. Regarding the ill effects felt when vaping, I found that trimming away large fan leaves and plucking out all seeds offered a satisfactory and effective experience.

    Take it easy 🙂

  4. Casey says:

    I’m on probation and I’m really interested in Getting my CBD intake by vaporizing hemp buds after I get home from work. I vaporize CBD e Liquids threw out the day. low doses and I test negative

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