Organic Hemp Tea With CBD Review

organic hemp tea review

I ordered some organic hemp tea made from hemp leaves from a Slovenian company. I was quite impressed with the product so I thought I’d write a review to share my thoughts. Generally I try to write 1000+ words but it’s very difficult to find 1000 words about tea… be it hemp tea or otherwise.

Organic Hemp Tea: Appearance

organic hemp tea front

organic hemp tea back

organic hemp tea close

As you can see from the images above, the tea consists of very finely cut pieces of hemp leaves. The smell is quite floral and herbal but doesn’t smell like cannabis buds. Perhaps it smells like cannabis leaves but I’ve never smelled a bag of cannabis leaves so can’t comment on that.

It’s very well presented. I couldn’t find any stalks, stems or seeds in the bag. I bought a 40 gram bag of tea and when I weighed the item it was 47 grams. If you factor in 5 grams for the bag and sticker on the bag it seems about right to me.

I boiled a kettle and put a tea spoon of hemp leaves into a cup. Upon pouring the boiling water into the cup the water immediately started to turn green. I stirred the water with the spoon a few times and it turned more green.

The color of the water reminded me of mint tea – it had a slight, natural green shine to it. The instructions recommend that you steep for 4-5 minutes but I wanted to see what happened if I left it longer so waited 10 minutes before trying it.

Organic Hemp Tea: Taste

The hemp tea has a very gentle taste. It definitely tastes like herbal tea. No cannabis-esque taste at all. If you were to buy this for someone unfamiliar with cannabis they’d never suspect what it was.

There is a slightly bitter, metallic sting at the back of the throat as an after taste, but I put this down to the excessive steeping time.

Overall I enjoyed the taste of it. I’ve had some unpleasant herbal teas that were overwhelmingly strong and put me off herbal teas in general. This hemp tea is relatively mild in comparison and tastes… nice.

Organic Hemp Tea: Effects

It’s been ten minutes since I drank the tea and I feel a little more relaxed than before. It’s reminiscent of the feeling after a cup of green tea, where your belly feels warm and mind feels calm. I feel a touch sedated with it, which makes me think this would be better suited as an evening drink than a morning one.

I don’t know exactly what other nutriments are in the tea besides cannabinoids but the label suggests there is magnesium and iron. I couldn’t find any evidence online that hemp leaves contain magnesium so I’m slightly suspicious about that claim. What I will say is it “feels” like a healthy drink. I believe that a cup of this hemp tea a day would do your body good.

CBD: Fat Soluble

It is recommended that you drink hemp tea with a fat source. Milk is the obvious one. But I didn’t like the idea of adding milk to it so I decided against it this time. Still, if you’re keen on maximizing your cannabinoid content, chiefly CBD, then you should take hemp tea with a fat source that the cannabinoids can bind with.

Organic Hemp Tea: Conclusion

This is a tasty, healthy drink that I may add to my daily routine. The effects are not mind blowing, but the tea does bring the drinker a gentle feeling of calmness and well-being. I imagine on a cold evening this tea would be a wonderful treat.

Will this replace CBD oil as an anti-anxiety medication? Clearly not. The cannabinoid levels on hemp leaves are much lower than flowers. But this hemp tea is definitely a gentle mood elevator and stress reducer. Add in the pleasant taste and you have a recommended product.

You can find this organic hemp tea here.

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Organic Hemp Tea With CBD
Hemp Tea With CBD
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on January 16, 2015

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  2. Lisa says:

    I live in Germany, where buying a bag of organic hemp leaves at an organic grocery store is common. I mix my hemp tea with other organic teas (such as chamomile to promote better sleep or soothe an upset stomach). The fat sources I use to mix in with my tea are either organic coconut oil or MCT oil or both. I do not eat or drink dairy products and this is my tip for those of you who would rather avoid dairy or just do not care for milk in your tea.

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