Golyoli Pure CBD Oil 7% Review

golyoli pure cbd oil review

Golyoli is a Dutch company selling CBD oil and other cannabidiol-related products. There are a number of CBD stores and seed banks selling their 2% CBD oil, so they seem to be a company on the rise. They’ve recently added a new product to their shop: a 7% CBD paste in a syringe. They call it “Pure CBD Oil”, so that’s what I’ll call it as well. I got the chance to try it out and here’s my review.

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Golyoli CBD Paste: Appearance

The CBD oil came in a thin, long syringe, and as you can see from the images above it was well presented. The CBD paste is more of a solid than I expected, it holds together well when it comes out of the syringe.

This is the second CBD paste/resin I’ve tried. The other was 35% CBD and was very liquidy and was a real mess. This Golyoli CBD oil is the opposite end of the spectrum. You can squeeze some out onto your hand with hardly any gunky residue left on your skin afterwards. I don’t know whether any emulsifiers or stabilizers were added to Pure CBD Oil to give it this thicker form, but it’s definitely preferable and more convenient than liquid gunk.

I put some Pure CBD Oil in my mouth, at first trying to get it under my tongue for the sublingual method, but it’s trickier than you may imagine. In the end I just smeared it over my gums and waited for the taste…

Golyoli CBD Paste: Taste

The taste was unmistakeably hemp, that earthy hemp taste. It’s not overly sharp or bitter like some CBD products. But at the same time there isn’t even a hint of cannabis flavor.

I kept the CBD paste in my mouth a few minutes and then swallowed, waiting to see what the effects would be…

Golyoli CBD Paste: The Effects

Day One

I always have to remind myself that the first day taking a CBD product can be an anti-climax. The effects tend to be felt more strongly on subsequent days. And this was the case with Golyoli.

I want to add an important piece of back story at this point. I spoke earlier about having tried a 35% CBD paste recently. I took too much of that product (it’s difficult to gauge the first time you try something, especially when it’s so high in CBD) and I was rendered couch-locked for several hours.

So I was very careful with this Golyoli paste the first day to make sure I didn’t repeat the mistake. In hindsight I didn’t take enough of the Golyoli to be effective.

And so that first day there was a mild sense of relaxation but I wouldn’t say it alleviated my stress or anxiety to any great degree.

On the plus side there were no side effects or problems to report, so I felt confident that on day two I could safely increase the dosage and see what this CBD oil could do.

Day Two

On day two, instead of one thin strip of paste I took three. Again I attempted to get as much under my tongue as possible and then waited a few minutes before swallowing. Within roughly thirty minutes I felt noticeably more chilled. Work has been stressing me out badly the last few weeks and that heavy feeling of stress was lifted off my shoulders by the CBD. It calmed down my thoughts and generally felt nice and relaxing.

I was still able to function perfectly normally throughout. With some CBD products I wonder if I can feel some THC – and maybe that’s psychosomatic – but it does feel like I’m slightly impaired, and maybe even slightly more prone to the THC giggles and munchies. But with Golyoli’s Pure CBD Oil I didn’t feel any of that. Now whether or not that’s a good or bad thing is obviously entirely subjective… but for most people I suspect it’s a very good thing. I felt totally clear-headed throughout.

Golyoli CBD Paste: Price

I’ve left the price until last for a reason. A one gram syringe of 7% CBD paste costs 18 euros. When you look at the price per miligram of CBD it’s not necessarily the best price around but it’s competitive. But what’s really great is how appealing this price must be for newcomers to CBD. Many first-time CBD buyers are forced to part with around $100 for a bottle of CBD oil – and they do so not knowing whether it will work for them or not. Very few companies, perhaps none except Golyoli, are selling CBD products for under 20 euros. And while a gram may not last you very long it will last long enough to give you a sense of whether CBD is something which can benefit you.

So kudos to Golyoli for creating this product and for giving CBD newbies a way to try out CBD without spending silly amounts of money.

I’ve been using the paste now for four days and there’s still a fair amount left in the syringe. Will it last more than 10 or 12 days? I doubt it. And is it the strongest CBD product I’ve tried? Again, no. But it’s a well packaged, well thought-out product that provides stress relief and anxiety relief. Whether it’s strong enough to provide pain relief or relief for serious medical conditions I couldn’t say, but again the price is so low that it won’t break the bank to find out for yourself.

Golyoli CBD Paste: Conclusion

I’ve mostly been using liquid CBD oils in the past year so it’s nice to see other types of CBD products making their way to market. I would add that I found using paste in a syringe less convenient than taking liquid oil in a dropper, but it’s not a major problem. I imagine it could be smeared on some bread or honey if the idea of putting it directly in your mouth doesn’t appeal.

Here’s the bottom line: the discernible anti-anxiety/stress effect combined with a particularly low price makes this Golyoli Pure CBD Oil a recommended product. If you’re looking to dip your toes in the CBD water this is a great place to start.

If you want to buy some Golyoli Pure CBD Oil you can do so by clicking this link.

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Golyoli Pure CBD Oil 7%
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on February 9, 2015

10 thoughts on “Golyoli Pure CBD Oil 7% Review

  1. Jd says:

    Hi Tony,

    Thank you for posting all the reviews on cbd products. Can u please review plus cbd gold/green oil concentrates? They can be administered sublingually or dabbed/vaped in a concentrate pen. Also out of all the cbd products you have tried/reviewed, which one has the most medicinal effects?

    Thank You,

  2. JD says:

    Is your review on the regular buds or the finest organic hemp buds? Also i am a little concerned having that shipped to Pennsylvania even though it is a hemp product. I know cbd and hemp is legal worldwide, but i don’t know about hemp bud and seed.

    • Tony Harrison says:

      They’ve changed the name of the product since I bought it. I bought the finest version – the one that is just hemp buds and seeds without leaves.

      Re: shipping to the USA. Yeah it’s a risk, but looking on Amazon a lot of people in the states have bought and received the buds. I think you would be unlucky not to get it.

      • JD says:

        I decided not to take the chance ordering the hemp buds. I was thinking about trying their 6% 10ml cbd paste, have you tried any other products from their company? Also do you have any upcoming cbd reviews?

  3. Tony Harrison says:

    I haven’t tried their 6% paste. The only products of theirs I’ve tried are the hemp buds and the hemp tea, both of which I recommend. My guess is the paste would also be good based on that.

    If you do try it, it would be great if you could reply here to let me know what you thought of it.

    My next CBD review will be for Elixinol 18% CBD oil. It’ll probably be published at the start of next week once I’ve had a few more days to try it.

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  5. dave says:

    I’ve placed two orders with Golyoli and the 1st order was perfect, great product so I ordered an expensive paste and a liquid. They sent the wrong paste and will not respond to my email. I’m down a fair bit of cash with no resolution. Now stuck with a weaker product I paid a high price for and don’t want.

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