Elixinol 18% CBD Oil Review

elixinol cbd oil review

Elixinol are a US-based company who sell an 18% CBD “oil” – although paste might be a better description of it. Elixinol comes in a 10ml tube which is rather similar to a syringe. I was lucky enough to get a sample of their 18% CBD oil and here is my review.

Elixinol 18% CBD Oil: Appearance

Elixinol 18% CBD paste is a light brown color and a solid form. It’s similar in texture and hardness to window putty. It’s not a sticky goop like Golyoli’s 7% CBD paste – and it certainly isn’t an oil.

Elixinol 18% CBD Oil: Taste

I put a small amount of CBD paste in my mouth, with the sublingual method – but it was almost impossible to get the blob of CBD under my tongue. In the end I smeared it on my gums instead.

The taste is really bad. It tastes organic at least, unlike some CBD products which taste synthetic and unnatural… but it’s bitter and not pleasant at all. It also lingers for a long time. I had a yogurt right afterwards to get rid of the taste and the Elixinol taste was still just as strong after the yogurt taste had gone.

I also noticed that about twenty minutes later my mouth had gone slightly numb.

Elixinol 18% CBD Oil: Day One

As stated above, on day one I took only a tiny amount of the CBD paste. I didn’t know what a proper dose of 18% CBD would be so took about the size of a small lentil to make sure I wasn’t too affected by it.

There wasn’t much to report that first day – the slight mouth numbness, as mentioned above, and a marginal sense of relaxation. It should be noted that the first day I took Elixinol was particularly stressful, and I did get through those stresses reasonably well. It might be placebo, of course, but on the plus side there were no observed side effects, so I knew that on day two I could push the boat out a bit further.

Elixinol 18% CBD Oil: Day Two

Well, a lot further. One day two I took much, much more CBD, also sublingually. I would guess it was about 400mg of the paste, which would be about 70mg of cannabidiol. After tolerating the horrid taste I experienced a really noticeable mouth numbing. I wondered if you could use this for toothache.

About thirty minutes after taking the CBD I felt a strong sense of relaxation come over me, very obvious and definitely not placebo this time. Over the next hour I felt my mood elevate and even had a slight attack of the munchies. I was thoroughly medicated.

I wouldn’t say I was high. With THC I find there is an uncomfortable, intense aspect, with sometimes paranoia and anxiety in the mix. This was totally different. It was a sense of ease and calmness. My thoughts were fewer and my body felt really good. There may have been a slight buzz, but it wasn’t intoxication – although at this dose I would advise against driving. It’s the sort of dose that makes you want to lie back on a couch and watch a TV boxset.

At this dose Elixinol is strong, really strong. I felt my nerve ends relax and aches became “numb”, as if there was cotton wool covering them. I would imagine that at this dose it could be used for pain relief. I don’t suffer from chronic pain, and so I can’t know for sure, but my little aches were not just removed from my mind they seemed to be removed from my body as well.

As mentioned above though, I found it very “couch-locky”, so it’s best in the evening. Doing large doses in the morning might leave you sedated and drowsy all day.

Elixinol 18% CBD Oil: Day Three

On day three I woke up feeling slightly foggy and a little more stupid than normal. It would be a stretch to call it a “hangover” but there was definitely a little bit of mental impairment that following morning.

Of course I had taken a pretty large dose the previous night, and surely if you suffer from severe pain a little bit of drowsiness the next morning is a trade off that’s worth it?

So… what’s an anxiety dose?

I would imagine something around 150mg of Elixinol would suffice for most anxiety sufferers. That would equal about 30mg of CBD, and would hopefully nullify the next day “hangover”.

Elixinol 18% CBD Oil: Price

I’ve left price to last. It’s the elephant in the room when it comes to Elixinol. A 10ml tube of 18% CBD paste costs $395. That’s $395 for 1800mg of CBD.

On the one hand, that’s a lot of CBD when compared to other popular products like Cibdex and Ultra CBD. On the other hand, almost $400 is really expensive, especially when first-time purchasers won’t know beforehand if it works or if they’re just throwing their money away.

It would be nice if Elixinol would add a 1ml or 5ml sample tube so those of us who don’t have fat wallets can find out if their product works first.

The reality, as I see it, is this: Elixinol is one of the most expensive CBD products on the market. It’s a premium CBD product. But when you think of how much prescription drugs can cost in the US and how potent Elixinol is, the price doesn’t seem so outrageous.

I would suggest that this product is chiefly for serious illnesses. It’s for epilepsy, MS, chronic pain. If you have a mild anxiety or stress disorder this might not be for you.

But for those in need of a top of the range CBD product, and those willing to pay top dollar for it, Elixinol is something you should consider. It’s very strong and very long lasting (it should last all night long).

For me personally? I doubt I’ll use it again. Fortunately my own need for CBD doesn’t go beyond anxiety and stress relief and I can get that a lot cheaper than $395. But it’s good to know that a CBD product exists that can tackle serious medical conditions. Not everyone lives in medical cannabis states, yet Elixinol is strong enough to be classified alongside the kind of high CBD products you would find in medical cannabis dispensaries.

That’s about the highest compliment I can imagine for a legal, hemp-derived CBD oil.

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Elixinol 18% CBD Oil
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