This website has been set up to sell CBD oil, and to spread the word about the medicinal qualities of CBD. It is our belief that cannabinoids could become the most important “new” medicine of the 21st century, and we aim to do all we can to bring it to people.

Not Just CBD

CBD is the most well-known therapeutic cannabinoid but it is not alone. The cannabinoid family contains between 60 and 100 compounds, and these must ALL be researched extensively and immediately. It is possible that dozens of different cannabinoids kill cancer cells, reduce pain, reduce seizures, reduce spasticity and reverse the effects of dementia – among other things.

These compounds appear to be among the most medicinal substances in nature, and therefore must do all we can, as a species, to understand their functions and maximize their potential benefits.

Governments Must Help

The US government currently lists cannabis as “Schedule 1”. This means that they believe cannabis has no medicinal value whatsoever and is enormously dangerous. Both of these statements are outrageous lies. Were they just lies with no ramifications it would be unfortunate, but in this case the ramifications are great. By listing cannabis as Schedule 1, research is virtually impossible to get approved. It requires the DEA to sign off on it – and, frankly, that’s about as likely as a turkey voting for Christmas.

If Barack Obama is serious about helping medical cannabis patients, and sick people in general, he should wield the power of his office to change the scheduling of cannabis. In the stroke of a pen, President Obama could make it far easier for researchers to get working with cannabinoids.

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